Text 18 Sep 4 notes #sonicmeet 7: Metropolis Studio

We’re very pleased to confirm that the next #sonicmeet will take place on September 28 at Metropolis Studios in Chiswick, London from 7pm.

Get there early, because a limited number of people will be given a tour of their facilities which include four studios, two live rooms and some of the best mastering suites available. It recently featured on the Radio 4 series Making Tracks, which should still be available on BBC iPlayer.

The main event will be in Studio B, where senior tech engineer Simon Saywood will be giving a demo of his impressive Fairchild 670 recreation, the AT-101, with chief engineer Sam Wheat running the SSL 4000G and Whiskey and the Wilsons as the live band. Not bad!

As usual, you can receive updates and any last-minute changes on our @sonicmeet twitter feed. 

Here’s a map of the area - it’s a three minute walk from either Stamford Brook or Turnham Green stations:

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    nice to hang out...my old haunt again.
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    We have an exciting #sonicmeet coming up at Metropolis Studio in London next week:
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